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I love most video game parody movies and I'm trying to earn my way to the top. :)

27, Male


Joined on 10/20/04

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How about your bro's?

Bro's are all doing well. Bros before hoes 24/7.

Interesting. ;)

Thank you for your praise.

Madd respect! I've checked your reviews, and you have soo many of them!

Thank you. I work very hard and dedicate myself to excellence.

Now all you need is deity

I totally agree with you.

Update: I do have Deity.

You'll never get to lvl 60 though. That's for sure.

I have to disagree with you.

I think I'm the one who is disagreeing with you.

Are you gonna be even trying to get a deity whistle? I seen users that have been here from 2012/2013 and they already have one.

I am slowly working on it. I have many other things to earn first.

Update: I do have the Deity Whistle.


Thank you for your praise.

GEEZ you definitely are a medal-collecting legend in my book! Are you on NG 24/7 or something? I'm really, really, confused how you haven't got as many medals as njesse. Just wondering.

Thank you. I am on NG most of the time, sleep is for the weak. I do not spend all my time medal collecting. I also post in the forums, B/P the portal, and write reviews.

You never get tired of the B/P'ing after 10 minutes of voting? Sometimes i get bored then go to the forums then go to someone who has good stats and see they're a Supreme Commander then I go back to B/P the portal. Good motivation makes me try harder lol.

Yes, I do. However, I stay motivated to my goal of being the best that I can be.

This goal is too insignificant for me, but hey good job. Nice to see that you suceeded in following your dreams.

Thank you for your praise. You should post in my topics more often.

congratulations, you are very dedicated.

Thank you. Post in my topics, and we can talk more.

Who knew that 11 year old kid who joined in 2003 would become a legend on newgrounds, stay cool, my friend.

Many people laughed at me when I first started NewGrounds. They told me that I would never be anything. Who is laughing now? Me. Who? Me.

we loev u el presidente

Glad to hear. You should post in my Star Wars topic. That is where the cool kids post.

Incredible work my friend *Raises toast*

Thank you for your praise.

7 more days til you get that lvl 60 ^^

Counting down until I reach level 60. Stay Cool.

Good luck on your journey.

Thank you.

Post in my The Force Awakens topic, and we can chat more.

Living legend is real, congratulations sir

Thank you. I am the real deal.

It's the comments like "This is a Clock Day game" on a Clock Day game that prove you're really putting your all into this and not just trying to go for quantity over quality in all of these stats.

Thank you for the praise. You should become my fan, so you can keep track of all new DoctorStrongbad news.

I actually have a lot more respect for you after one of your creepy fans hunted me down and started messaging me. You blocked him but I guess he keeps up with your life. Reminds me of BilliardBall10Clock before he was (hopefully temporarily) reformed.

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