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I remember watching this movie way back in 2005. I just recently found it again. The animation is silky smooth, and color work is great. It is still entertaining to watch today. Just a nice all around movie.

This is based of Ninja Gaiden, the NES classic game. The animation is flawless, and there is plenty of action as well. Nice use of color and paying attention to all of those details. The comedy was the best part.

This movie has some smooth animation. Great attention to detail, and use of colors. If you are into dancing, even just a little bit, than this is the film for you. Make sure you pay attention to all of the different featured cast.

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Graphics are okay, but could use more attention to detail. Controls are simple point and click. I did notice that if you go to info screen, it would mess up your progress in the game. I had to reset twice, to complete everything. Waiting three minutes was a giant waste of time, it could of been much shorter. The joke was not funny at all. Next time, you should use a Beta Tester to improve your game.

The medal works, and I earned it.

8BitAnt responds:

Nah dude
You just don’t understand the satirical nature of dad jokes
The time is meant to be accurate to real life
And if you don’t like wasting time then get off my profile lol

Graphics are pixels that are improved a bit, but still require more attention to detail. Nice use of color to make things look sharp. Controls are simple point and click. Including many more item choices would make the game better.

Graphics could have much more detail, but you can tell all the items apart. Controls and just moving the mouse around and clicking. dress up games will always pass, but are not the most original concept. Adding more options would increase the fun of dressing up your cube.

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What do you get when heavy metal and video game music combine, this interesting tune. The guitar work is awesome and so is the rhythm. After walking into a dark cave, I see a large boss. this musical track starts blasting. I know its time to have an exciting boss battle.

I can see how you took your real life move, and included it into this musical track. I can imagine myself on a long voyage as a listen along. The fiddle work is top notch, and blends with the ambient sounds. This would work well as a video game tune.

When you mix Meat Boy and Friday Night Funkin, you know it has to be amazing. This combination just works so well. You have plenty of melody and beat. The rhythm just keeps up the good vibes. I would be interested in hearing more.

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Nice attention to detail and artwork on both of these illustrations.

You always have to have your eyes open. It doesn't matter if you are dancing or singing, you must be alert. The attention to detail looks great. Any better could receive a Bonk at anytime.

I really like this landscape. At first, it seems like an empty forest, but as you study it you can appreciate the trees even more. The colors all blend together well. This is an impressive illustration.

I love most video game parody movies and I'm trying to earn my way to the top. :)

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