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The movie looks wonderful. Top notch art and the animation is smooth as well. I like the story behind all of it. Nice work.

A story about growing up and what can happen. The subtitles really help you follow the story and understand everything. It has a great message, but is still funny at the same time.

A great classic that still holds up today. I remember watching this back in 2007 , and was amazed by the sprites. Lots of action and fun Nintendo themed comedy.

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It is a shooting game trying to stop snow, but it is two different shooters at once. It can take a minute to get use to the controls. Graphics are nice, but they could look sharper. Adding more upgrades could help it improve.

MahiScarGames responds:

Thanks for your feedback.

Retro graphics that remind me of a classic Gameboy. Controls were okay, and no slowness at all. There could be more tricks and goals to accomplish. It would increase the fun and the replay value. Merry Christmas 2018.

A mini adult game with a Christmas theme. Graphics are nice and animation is okay. There should be more girls and more interactions with them.

mikysofts responds:

Thank you.. I'm thinking of making this kind of game for other girl in KC too, maybe in the future.

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Excellent work of electronic synthwave. I could imagine the girl and the process of her becoming a cyborg. Great job.

Zero Gravity is and old school drum and beat track. Great beginning and then it drops down in a cool fashion. It would make a very nice escape tune.

The VG Pride has a great sound for a loop. It starts well, and continues until the track finishes. Would fit in well in a retro video game.

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Great work. Looking good.

She looks brain dead, but somewhat attractive. It should be easier to see the Super Crown.

This is all about color. So many different colors that are bright and vivid. Blarggette has a snazzy dress on, and her large chest has eyes on them as decoration.

I love most video game parody movies and I'm trying to earn my way to the top. :)

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