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Your art style is very unique. The animation could flow better, but that is not a big issue. Plenty of jokes and humor to keep you laughing. Keep up your great work.

I really enjoyed all the jokes and humor. How did they not notice that small detail? lol
The art is top notch, and the animation is smooth. Excellent job.

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When I first saw this I was thinking to myself, "A Christmas movie in July about bears? " I was pleasantly surprised about how it all came together. The animation is smooth, and not that crude. The Story makes sense, and is easy to follow. Great work on your first big animation.

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This is a nice version of a CIV knockoff. The strategy was made easier and less to worry about. It works well if you were curious about the CIV games. There is a major food issue in this game. After a certain age, your food will always be zero. That really hurts the fun, and makes it more difficult. Correct the food bug and this game really improve.

The medals work, and I earned them all.

The Graphics are bright and cheerful. Being able to remove objects that don't match is a great feature. It is fun to analyze all the clues and than solve the puzzles. If you have the skill you can zoom through most of the levels. Is there a save feature? If not, you should really add one.

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The Graphics seemed much different than most escape games. In a point and click game you should be able to click on everything. Every item should be able to be picked up or looked at, even if it is not useful. The lock picking was a nice time.

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This is the main theme that people think of when mentioning Final Fantasy. I remember your originals versions of this track being good, and this one seems to be the best of the bunch. The bass and drums have a great combination. You can tell that is was polished up and perfected in this installment.

IoTheEternal responds:

hehe thanks man - sadly I had to cut the piano intro out of 2 of them as it peaked and I couldn't fix it - it was only on one note which was weird..

This is my fave as well.. so thanks for the review! :)


Combining two can be tricky, but combining three melodies takes plenty of skill. You have done it with ease in this Trance song. I can tell that this was made earlier in your career, and your updates have really improved the original track.

I remember this song from when I finished Chrono Cross. After hours of playing and beating bosses, it was nice to relax. Your track brings that feeling back, and is better than the original. I don't remember it being a hour long, but it works great as background music for doing something else.

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A funny version of the classic She-Ra. All he needs in a horse to ride and some beer to drink. Good job.

The details are precise. Your wizard looks like an elf, or maybe a half elf. Just not enough to pass for a human. The colors are subtle, and could be brighter. The background should be more than just empty space. Nice drawing.

Colors are vivid and bright. The baboon seems to be the star and brings humor. Nice work.

I love most video game parody movies and I'm trying to earn my way to the top. :)

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