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Great work. Looking good.

She looks brain dead, but somewhat attractive. It should be easier to see the Super Crown.

This is all about color. So many different colors that are bright and vivid. Blarggette has a snazzy dress on, and her large chest has eyes on them as decoration.

Bloopette looks nice in the new picture. Her dark outline helps her stand out from the underwater background. She could be much more curvy.

Peach is looking at the Supercrown and is thinking about what will happen? It looks like a scary image. She should not wear it. Peach should stay her cute self.

The animation of this entry makes it just a little bit better than the original. Boosette is still just as cute floating up and down.

Corythec responds:

Thank you so much! After finishing the original i wanted to try an animated illustration just to see how hard it would be interrogating it. It was a fun experiment! :D

That is an amazing work of art. The red, white, and blue colors all combine wonderfully. Great details on her dress and leggings. Her soft and round breasts almost popping out of her top. It really makes me hungry. Especially, those burgers in the background.

It looks like something went really wrong this time. Her change came out monstrous and deformed. She should take off the Supercrown and try again. Maybe she would have better luck next time?

Your take on Bowsette is silly and not too serious. She does have a really large chest. Mario looks shocked, but he should be really happy about the transformation. Big boobs make most things better.

Geno was a cool character from Super Mario RPG. The wooden color of her body looks nice. She looks slightly surprised. The background should be less blank.

I love most video game parody movies and I'm trying to earn my way to the top. :)

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