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It is a shooting game trying to stop snow, but it is two different shooters at once. It can take a minute to get use to the controls. Graphics are nice, but they could look sharper. Adding more upgrades could help it improve.

MahiScarGames responds:

Thanks for your feedback.

Retro graphics that remind me of a classic Gameboy. Controls were okay, and no slowness at all. There could be more tricks and goals to accomplish. It would increase the fun and the replay value. Merry Christmas 2018.

A mini adult game with a Christmas theme. Graphics are nice and animation is okay. There should be more girls and more interactions with them.

mikysofts responds:

Thank you.. I'm thinking of making this kind of game for other girl in KC too, maybe in the future.

The Chicken should be able to fly and launch eggs and other chicken activities. Adding difficulty levels could make it work better for players of different ability. It should be faster to get places. That is why the chicken should fly very fast.

The graphics are black and white and small. They should be larger and need color. Controls need work as well. A Save feature could work better than giving passwords. You will need lots of musical tracks and sound effects to be successful.

colorsCrimsonTears responds:

Thanks for your input. The black and white graphics were done as a
stylistic choice. It's how I wanted the game to look, cause I wanted it to
look different and stand out a bit.
I dunno what to do about them appearing small tbh...
I chose passwords as a throwback to retro games. It's honestly what
I was going for here.
And if you read my description, you would know that newgrounds kept crashing my
game until I took all the sound out. If you know of a workaround to get it back in,
I'd GLADY re-add the sound back in, because I spent a long time making the
sounds and music for this game. Lol.
But thanks man.

Graphics are okay and you can see some familiar faces from the cartoon. The gender choice was a nice idea. Once the game actually starts, I clicked on a house and became stuck in a scene. That should never happen. Include more dates, actions to perform, and polish the graphics to make it better.

The graphics are okay and you can tell the monsters from the snow. You have to be careful with the hammer it does not always hit where you aim. The game will freeze very often. That just ruins your gameplay. Remove the freezing and correct the hammer issues.

Graphics are colorful, and the the other bugs are waving their arms around. It is just a silly game with three dances, but I really enjoyed it. The third dance is the most active.

Daniella seems like a nice girl, but is too robotic. There should be more choices and actions to perform. It feels like a small mini game.

This is a different take on an adult game. Graphics of the one girl are nice and. A tutorial or instructions might help, instead of just pressing random buttons to see what happens. Some of the buttons lead to a different website. That is never a good idea.


Hi Doctor,
sorry to see that you didn't like our work, we did put a lot of effort into it.
This said, we do appreciate you taking the time to view our work and leave some feedback.
Regarding the tutorial, there is not much to know to play the game, it is pretty straight forward, the icons give an indication of what is what and that is about it. For example, arrows tell you about direction or strength, the icon of an ass means it has to do with the ass and so on. There is no "you must do something to unlock something" kind of thing, therefore, inventing time on that would kind of be, from our point of view, an unnecessary waste of precious resources.
Regarding our links, the link to our website and Patreon are well identifiable and allow people that are interested to support our work. Unfortunately, in this world we live in, PCs are not free, electricity is not free, groceries are not free... our games are though, which makes our generous and awesome Patrons, the only thing that makes the development of our games possible. Therefore, we respectfully but strongly disagree with your statement: "That is never a good idea"
And we would replace it with: "That is what keeps independent artists alive"
Ultimately, we are happy to release all of our games for free so that everyone can play them but we would like to see some understanding as well, such as that having a link is not just, not a big deal, but also fair enough.
Anyway, thanks for dropping by, hope that your concerns were addressed in a way that your opinion about our small studio is now a little bit more positive.

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