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The movie looks wonderful. Top notch art and the animation is smooth as well. I like the story behind all of it. Nice work.

A story about growing up and what can happen. The subtitles really help you follow the story and understand everything. It has a great message, but is still funny at the same time.

A great classic that still holds up today. I remember watching this back in 2007 , and was amazed by the sprites. Lots of action and fun Nintendo themed comedy.

I really liked this music video. Great graphics, animation, and music. It all comes together very well.

The sprites are nice, and the animation works well. There is plenty of action and randomness. The comedy is awesome. A great parody of some classic NES games.

When you mix action, violence and zombies this is the result. A fast paced and exciting to watch movie. Nice use of the video game references.

I enjoyed the story in this Madness episode. Plenty of violence and the graphics were the same quality. Seeing Hank die was just crazy. Good work.

This is a movie about a video game level, or so it would seem. Graphics are retro and colorful. The story is intriguing, and makes you want to view stage eight. Nice use of humor.

This is a different type of Madness movie. There was less murder and mayhem. Action was almost second to the story. People showing up and leaving quickly was strange. This is a nice movie, but would work better if it was not associated with the Madness brand.

LittleLuckyLink responds:

Doctor! Thank you!! I agree that I definitely went overkill with the characters, lmao I dunno what I was thinking.

The music takes the center stage in this music video. Graphics are nice and represent the Madness series. Animation goes from rough to good to average. If the animation was smoother and more consistent, it would be much better.

I love most video game parody movies and I'm trying to earn my way to the top. :)

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