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DoctorStrongbad's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 13,234 (From 1,983 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 265,930 Points

[Visible] III

Data Collector Unlocked 12/13/10
10 Points
Information is important to a ninja
Got Bytz? Unlocked 12/13/10
10 Points
Hanging Out Unlocked 12/13/10
10 Points
Oh you know... just chillin'
Heart Breaker Unlocked 12/13/10
10 Points
This medal is your consolation for dying a little inside
Never Give Up Unlocked 12/13/10
10 Points
If at first you don't succeed, try and try and try and try...
Ready for More Unlocked 12/13/10
10 Points
As if the first time didn't suck enough
Secret Training Unlocked 12/13/10
10 Points
You are now a beginner ninja
Grand Data Man Unlocked 12/13/10
25 Points
Because knowledge is power!
Invincible Unlocked 12/13/10
25 Points
With practice comes greatness
Mission Complete Unlocked 12/13/10
25 Points
High five for great success!
Powered Up! Unlocked 12/13/10
25 Points
Like Mario, but with more awesome
Grand Intrusion 25 Points Hey, you're pretty good at this!
9 Lives 50 Points However, only a ninja cat could do this
Flawless Infiltration 50 Points A master of the craft
Ran the Gauntlet 50 Points You are a brave one
Speed Run King 50 Points Inevitable danger doesn't slow you down! Well, not that much.
Immortal 100 Points You are a god among ninjas!
Undetectable 100 Points A perfect shadow, a master of stealth!

Medals Earned: 11/18 (170/595 points)


Piped Unlocked 12/22/17
5 Points
Hit an enemy with a pipe
Pwned Unlocked 12/22/17
5 Points
Body slammed a goon
Solid Unlocked 12/22/17
5 Points
Did a 15 Hit combo
Weight Unlocked 12/22/17
5 Points
Hit an enemy with a heavy object
Beamed Unlocked 12/22/17
10 Points
Hit an enemy with a Laser Strike
Fired Unlocked 12/22/17
10 Points
Hit an enemy with a Flame Strike
Implausible Unlocked 12/22/17
10 Points
Did a 20 Hit combo
Frozen 5 Points Froze an enemy with Liquid Ice
Knifed 5 Points Impaled an enemy with a knife
Poisoned 5 Points Drained an enemy with Poison
Bombed 10 Points Hit an enemy with a Rocket Strike
Furious 10 Points Beaten all the goons in a level on normal mode
Solidified 10 Points Froze an enemy with an Ice Strike
Fiendish 25 Points Did a 30 Hit combo
Flame Thrower 25 Points Destroyed the Flame Thrower
Ice Box 25 Points Destroyed the Ice Box
Poison Dart 25 Points Destroyed the Poison Dart
Room Temperature 25 Points Finished the game on normal mode
Triple Spray 25 Points Destroyed Triple Spray on hard mode
Duncan 50 Points Beaten Duncan on Hard mode
Extreme Conditions 50 Points Finished the game on hard mode
Pissed Off 50 Points Beaten all the goons in a level on hard mode
Richard 50 Points Beaten Richard on Hard mode
Timothy 50 Points Beaten Timothy on Hard mode

Medals Earned: 7/24 (50/495 points)


The First Samurai Unlocked 5/20/14
10 Points
Killed the first samurai
Gar Hunter 10 Points Killed a gar
The Second Samurai 10 Points Killed the second samurai
The Third Samurai 10 Points Killed the third samurai
A Dash For A Slash 25 Points Killed head ninja Dashslash
Burred Reflection 25 Points Vanquished and redeemed Musashi
Metal 2 Metal 25 Points Disassembled 343 Guilty Spark
Monster Monster 25 Points Decimated Hydra
The Last Samurai 25 Points Killed the last samurai
The Horde's Shepherd 50 Points Completed Horde Mode
Wulf Hunter Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 1/11 (10/240 points)

~Strange Thoughts~

Rick James Unlocked 1/9/17
5 Points
Don't call me a b****
Meaning Unlocked 12/5/11
10 Points
Discover the meaning of life
Score 25 Points Get a certain number of points

Medals Earned: 2/3 (15/40 points)

~The Bounty~

2 OF VIOLET Unlocked 10/24/15
5 Points
Mastered Purple Gun
3 OF RED Unlocked 10/24/15
10 Points
Got The Red Gun
4 OF BLUE 10 Points Got The Blue Gun
5 OF GREEN 25 Points Got The Green Gun
6 OF GOLD 25 Points Got The Gold Gun
HALF A CENTURY 25 Points Got 50 Kills
FULLY LOADED 50 Points Got The Bullet Chain
KILLED IN ACTION 50 Points Claimed A Dead Bounty
ONE HUNDRED 50 Points Got 100 Kills
BOUNTY HUNTER 100 Points Captured The Bounty Alive
QUAD DAMAGE 100 Points Got the Highest damage Mod

Medals Earned: 2/11 (15/450 points)