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I love most video game parody movies and I'm trying to earn my way to the top. :)

29, Male


Joined on 10/20/04

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Congrats man! Almost to the 10 year mark myself. :3

Thank you. Keep up the good work.


Thank you. Stay Cool.

That is lot of posts for an individual always checking his e-mails.

Nobody checks their email more than StrongBad.

That is true. DoctorStrongbad is the busiest user on NewGrounds.

If you didn't shitpost so much people wouldn't hate you.
Nice job on your level, rank and whistle, though, i can at least respect that.

Hahaha good for you, I'm new to new ground and I'm not sure what much of this means, but I've seen your reviews and you've inspired me to start giving actual help review. Maybe that's what your a legend for? :)

Glad that I have inspired you.

Level 58
Bronze Whistle

I do have some amazing ranks, levels, and general stats. Don't forget my five stars. ;)

Going to level 60 I presume?

Yes, I will continue to be very active on NewGrounds everyday.

I used to be someone but i forget

The best way to remember is to become one of my fans. You will be informed about all things involving DoctorStrongBad.


Thank you for your praise.

What is your most memorable ban? What was the best one in your opinion?

It is hard to pick one because there have been many abusive asshole mods over the years. Many of them tried to make it there mission to stop me. They all horribly failed. I am a living legend , and most of them are forgotten nobodies.

seriously, there's only 4 users like that???

I'm at LEAST half way on all 5!.. what the.. holy hell I need to get crackin'!

It is a very small and elite group. Its not an easy task. If you think you are up for it, then give it a try.

I love you.

Thanks for that, but I think you are a dude. lol


Thank you for the praise. Stay Cool.

I don't ever think I'll achieve this, but I commend you for the time and effort that must have involved. Just how many replies do you get a day? o_O

Thank you for the praise. I get about one reply a week. I try to answer every one as soon as I can. Stay Cool.

were almost the same age. i hope to feel as accomplished as you someday.

Thanks for the compliment. Take you time and enjoy yourself.

Happy 11th NG Anniversary! :D

Seems like I gave my 10 year congrats in the last post.

Thank you for your nice comments. Stay Cool.

I guess I am late but congrats. I bet it took a long ass time to get these shiny stats.

Yes, it took a very long time, but it was worth it. :)

Unless newgrounds falls way behind and shuts down.

I wont be remembered but thats how I like it. I passed the 10 year mark a while back but my original acount was devoured by this one. Been here since almost the beginning which I hadn't realized. NG was just a cool thing back then I heard about from my older brothers and showed people at school.

Ive lost track of my time spent here now but I remember making a post like this and people were nice.. So I'll say congratulations as well. Congratulations! Youre a winner.

Thank you for your praise. I m a winner, but I will try to do even better.

Dear Strongbad,

How is Trogdor doing these days?

Trogdor is doing great. He and The Cheat are still my best buds.

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