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The drawings and art were crisp. Smooth animation and you can tell there was lots of hard work involved. It was an awesome movie with nice detail. Great plot and comedy included as well. Happy Clock Day 2018.

There was lots of different scenes to check out. All the Halo material was great, and the music just brought it all together. That cat really gets around.

The animation flowed well with no issues. There was plenty of drama as the story unfolded. The music and sounds really worked well. With just enough comedy to keep things light. Happy Clock Day 2018.

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Running Round combines a platformer and a runner game, mixed with a twist. This is an original concept brought to an old favorite type of game. The challenge level is tough but fair. There should be many more levels. By the time you master the skills, the game ends too soon.

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This game could really use a tutorial to explain things. The graphics have a nice looking retro feel. The high difficulty is mostly due to confusion rather than actually challenge.

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I really enjoyed playing this game. Graphics are bright and colorful. There was no lag or slowness at all. The infinite dungeon feature is not only exciting, but also gives you a high repayable factor.
All the different skills and upgrades were a nice touch.

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Tales of Symphonia was an awesome game. I liked your original version, and the updated version is top notch. It is excellent when a song can make you feel nostalgic for a better time. That is how this song makes me feel.

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IoTheEternal responds:

Nice - I played some of the game, but not all of it - me and housemasta did a collab with lloyds theme too back in the day, I should see if I can remaster that one too.

thanks for the review!


This is similar to Paradise on E, but better with your own changes and updates. I found this song calm and happy.

It is true that you should give everything a chance before voting on it. You never know what you might miss.

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IoTheEternal responds:

yes this is solid advice.. something I fall short of sometimes myself, by judging a song on just the first few seconds..

I actually made this song as prep for my giant megamix paradise on e - worlds collide - it sounds alright on its own too though :)

thanks for the review man!


Normally, I am not a huge fan of Techno music. I did enjoy this track, and how you combined this into an triple play song. It is crisp and has a nice beat.

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IoTheEternal responds:

thanks! It's a pity the whole thing crashed and I was only left with the renders but I think each one has its own charm :)

thanks for the review!


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A funny version of the classic She-Ra. All he needs in a horse to ride and some beer to drink. Good job.

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The details are precise. Your wizard looks like an elf, or maybe a half elf. Just not enough to pass for a human. The colors are subtle, and could be brighter. The background should be more than just empty space. Nice drawing.

Colors are vivid and bright. The baboon seems to be the star and brings humor. Nice work.

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I love most video game parody movies and I'm trying to earn my way to the top. :)

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