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This is the continuation of the series, and I can see some improvement. There was more violence as King Kong's son has to fight all challengers. He really need to to start smashing Lego buildings like it is his job. The black and white color is still the same.

King Kong's son is not afraid to bring action and violence, just like his dear old dad. I would of liked to see more Lego buildings being smashed. The black and white color makes it seem like this happened a long time ago. A nice set up for the next episode.

A Samurai versus a Dinosaur was only talked about before, now we have a video to see what exactly would happen. The Samurai won this time, but there should be a rematch. The animation was nice, and some good action. Making it longer would be an improvement.

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bwilk89 responds:

Thanks Doctor Strongbad! :D I started to run out of steam so I posted it before the crash and burn lol xP I'm worried if I hang on to it for too long it'll never get posted and I'll just keep trying to improve it and then give up on it

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The graphics look great and have plenty of detail. No issue with the controls at all. The animation is crisp and smooth. There could be more action and goals to accomplish. This is good for a casual game about eating flies. Nice work.

Trying to bring God of War to flash is a big challenge. This game can not deliver on its lofty goal. It feels incomplete on every level. Improve the graphics, controls, music, and polish it all to make this game complete.

PurpleTANK responds:

Thanks for the feedback, I will be improving upon it when i get the time.

With the controls constantly changing, there is plenty of challenge to finish this game. The graphics are detailed and you can tell everything apart. If you have the skill and the patience, you can make it all the way to the end.

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A good beat, but this track is all about the Robo voice. If you like Robo voice, this is the song for you. I could make out a little of the English.

This is a great remix of Living in the City. The fast beats and speedy parts all combined very well into an amazing tune.

A great techno twist on Sonic the Hedgehog's music. Awesome job with the beat.

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Colors are vivid and bright. The baboon seems to be the star and brings humor. Nice work.

A good piece of art influenced by Mario kart. Nice work on the details.

Very detailed work. It is close to an adult theme, but not quite.

I love most video game parody movies and I'm trying to earn my way to the top. :)

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