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This is nice for a little preview. The characters have detail and personality. Going to a haunted house could be a great adventure. I will have to check out the finished movie.

Old man Witty speaks, but there is no other animation. The background should of changed colors as Willy talks. Subtitles would be a nice addition.

This was a good final. You can enjoy it, even without watching the other parts of the series. There is plenty of comedy and funny jokes. The subtitles were helpful to understand it all.

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This is a remake of the Arcade classic Asteroids. Graphics are basic. They should be more colorful and detailed. It needs upgrades, more levels, and goals to accomplish. The game screen should be normal size, it is too small. This game feels incomplete.

Nice graphics overall. Bowsette looks amazing in this game. However, she just sits there. She should be more interactive as you play. The gameplay is average for a wack a mole game. Adding different music and sound effects really be an improvement.

Erigatohishima responds:

Thanks,And we're working on bringing her to life as the user interacts with the game along with improving the music and sound aspects of the games

The graphics are nice and good use of color. There should be a way to change the controls. This is a simple avoiding game. It could use more character choices like a dog and/or a rabbit.

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This is an older type of Trance song. I can enjoy it more than the newer Trance stuff. Vocals are very good and it has a nice tone. It should be much longer.

IoTheEternal responds:

It should be but there were issues working with him as we both used different programs - still it was a fun example of what could have been :)

I prefer the older type of trance myself as well :)

thanks for the review!


I was surprised that so many people thought that it was not your song. You have the talent and skill to make pretty much any type of music that you wish.

This track is high pitched, loud, and fast. I gave it a chance, and I feel that you did a good job with it. The more Trance songs that I hear, the more I enjoy that type of music.

IoTheEternal responds:

Yeah trance is great - also there is a rule that you're not allowed to post nightcore to the audio portal - but that's of other songs, not your own, I just wanted to specify that this is indeed my song hehe

and thanks man! I try to cover a wide range of styles :)

thanks for the review!


I like this version of the classic Earthbound song. The SNES version is great, and your changes make it even better. The drums and bass both combine very well.

IoTheEternal responds:

Thanks man! My fave part is when the 8-bit progressively grows louder and louder myself :)

glad you liked it!

thanks for the review!


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Bowsette looks alluring and playful at the same time. Great work with the colors and details. Her long hair and full chest are nice touches.

Great work with the color and detail on this illustration. There could be more in the background. A female peach makes its own cream? This is a new one.

Chompette looks nice with the Super Crown. Getting chomped by her mouth is one thing, but not by her chest. She should be closer, and the chomps behind her.

I love most video game parody movies and I'm trying to earn my way to the top. :)

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